On December 28, 2023, the commission for the selection of the NACP Head unanimously admitted 46 candidates to further participation in the competitive selection. 

These individuals, in the opinion of the Commission, undoubtedly complied with the formal requirements of the law for the applicants. The list includes: 

  1. Ahiya Zahrebelska
  2. Anastasia Zernova
  3. Andrii Alimpiyev
  4. Andrii Teteruk
  5. Andrii Vyshnevskyi
  6. Dmytro Kalmykov
  7. Dmytro Nazarov
  8. Ihor Drobko
  9. Iryna Kireyeva
  10. Iryna Mostova
  11. Ivan Yuriichuk
  12. Kateryna Dibrova
  13. Kateryna Kapliuk
  14. Khavanov Artem
  15. Mykhailo Miroshnichenko
  16. Oleh Khoronovskyi
  17. Oleh Koretskyi
  18. Oleh Palii
  19. Oleksandr Hladun
  20. Oleksandr Novytskyi
  21. Oleksandr Shulha
  22. Oleksandr Skomarov
  23. Oleksandr Starodubtsev
  24. Oleksii Vats
  25. Pavlo Kulyk  
  26. Roman Koriuk
  27. Roman Romaniuk
  28. Ruslan Ihonin
  29. Serhii Berveno
  30. Serhii Hupiak
  31. Serhii Mashtabei
  32. Serhii Podhorets
  33. Serhii Stepanian
  34. Sofia Sapihura
  35. Stanislav Bronevytskyi
  36. Stanislav Seriohin
  37. Tetiana Kalyta 
  38. Vadym Pryimak
  39. Valentyna Senyk
  40. Viktor Pavlushchyk
  41. Vitalii Hatseliuk 
  42. Vitalii Kachurovskyi 
  43. Vitalii Nikulin
  44. Volodymyr Podorozhko 
  45. Volodymyr Soima
  46. Yurii Khyt

Five more people were admitted after discussing the compliance of their document packages with the competitive procedure. Namely: 

  • Maria Horishnia
  • Oleh Kornienko
  • Hennadii Kryvosheya
  • Roman Norets
  • Oleksii Shevchuk

The Commission also determined the order and timeframes of the next stages of the competition.  

On January 4, candidates will undergo psychological testing as well as tests for general abilities and reliability.  

On January 11, the selected candidates will perform ethical leadership tasks and demonstrate their knowledge of anti-corruption legislation in practice. 

On January 12–19, applicants for the position of the NACP Head will undergo an in-depth psychological interview and share their vision of the future activities of the NACP.  

The members of the commission extended the deadline for submitting a copy of the state certificate on the level of proficiency in the state language until February 5.