The High Anti-Corruption Court will come into operation on 5 September.

This date was selected by HACC judges at today’s meeting. From that day on, motions and indictments in high-profile corruption-related cases will be sent to the HACC, and the Appeal Chamber will start accepting appeals to verdicts issued by first instance judges. Criminal cases that will be still under judicial examination as of 5 September will also be transferred to the HACC.

Besides, the judges selected the head of the court today. The winner is Olena Tanasevych.

The election was held through anonymous vote. Initially, it failed because none of the candidates managed to collect enough votes. Eventually, it was judge Tanasevych who got 23 votes out of 37.

Before this, she worked as a judge of Pechenizkyi rayon court in Kharkiv oblast. She has a PhD in Law, speaks English fluently. She got the highest score in the competition for the positon of a HACC judge, and she is not on the unworthy list.

The judges have also selected the deputy head – Yevhen Kruk, a former lawyer. The head and the deputy head are the only administrative positions in the HACC.

TI Ukraine is looking forward to the HACC becoming operational and believes in the institution’s impartiality and ability to administer justice to the best of their knowledge. It may serve as a catalyst for the entire judicial system.