A research conducted by the Financial and Economic Office in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has resulted in the correlation between the level of corruption and economic prosperity

Such a conclusion was reached after the analysis of indicators such as Global Corruption Barometer, Corruption Perceptions Index, Life Expectancy, Literacy Rate, and GDP per capita. Life Expectancy at birth is a value that shows the average life length of a group of people born on the same year, if the death-rate in each age group stays constant. The literacy rate is the number of literate people at the age of 15 years.

Experts took these indicators for 2012-2015 and saw that a 1 point increase in the Corruption Perceptions Index has the following influence:

1) Increases in GDP per capita on the average for $ 795;
2) Leads to an increase in life expectancy at 0,29 year (104 days);
3) Leads to an increase of literacy rate of the adult population by 4%.

Experts arrived at this conclusion that the connection between economic growth and corruption is expressed most prominently in post-socialist countries, and little corruption is traced in developing countries. You may read the whole research here.