Civil Society Organization Transparency International Ukraine as the administrator of the Central Database (CDB) of the ProZorro.Sale project announces that the statuses of a number of auctions may be changed by decisions of the Executive Directorate of Deposit Guarantee Fund (hereinafter Executive Directorated) based on the recommendations of Commission for Review of Complaints and Preparation of Proposals Concerning Holding of Electronic Bidding (Auctions) for Sale of Assets (Property) of Insolvent Banks (hereinafter Commission). 

The Commission, consisting of representatives of Transparency International Ukraine, was created in June of 2017 for review of complaints of participants of open bidding for sale of assets of insolvent banks. After thorough consideration of issues, the Commission makes decisions aimed at protection of rights of bidding participants and fair resolution of the situation, which, in their turn, must be approved by the Executive Directorate. 

For example, when the Bidding Protocol has been signed by all parties (winner of the bidding, the electronic platform and the bank), uploaded to the electronic system and the payment has been disbursed in full, but the sale/purchase agreement was uploaded after 6PM on the day of the deadline, the electronic system automatically cancels bidding results. If all bidding participants have carried out all necessary actions regulated by ETS Procedure, the Commission may find enough reason to recognize the bidding as valid, and the Executive Directorate – to recognize the bidding as valid based on the recommendation of the Commission. All minutes of Commission meetings are available at

Due to temporary technical issues, correct bidding results (taking into account the decisions of the Executive Directorate) cannot be immediately reflected on the public web-portal ProZorro.Sale, the BI module and other public resources. 

The list of lots the results of bidding on which are different from the information on ProZorro.Sale is available here.