Now everyone can check the situation with road maintenance and repair online. The CoST Ukraine Initiative, together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the State Agency for e-Governance, has presented an analytical module collecting data on maintenance and repair works of national roads in 2018-2019.

What can you find on the portal that will be interesting and useful?

 Everyone can check how much 1 km of the road you are interested in costs.
 In 2019, road repair agreements amounted to UAH 6.8 billion. A wave of major repairs is awaiting people from Poltava and Kharkiv oblasts.
 Everyone can see the main contractors and the amounts of agreements with each of them.
 In Lviv oblast, the biggest amount in Ukraine was spent on major repairs of local roads – about UAH 170 million. You can also see breakdown by regions on the portal.
 Dnipropetrovsk oblast is the leader in new construction – 56.64% in Ukraine. It is followed by Kyiv and Poltava oblasts (2018).
✓ Overall, about UAH 1.6 billion was spent on road reconstruction in 2018.

The data are updated daily. 40% of the data are automatically received from ProZorro, others are entered manually by UkrAvtoDor staff.