Since 2015, Transparency International Ukraine has been working on the implementation of good governance protocols with the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration. These are the results thus far.

In 2012, the Regional Virtual Office for electronic administrative services was launched, in order to implement the Open Government Partnership action plan.  It is the only complex system solution for cooperation between national and local authorities, centers of administrative services (CAS), institutes of civil society, and citizens on a regional level in Ukraine. What makes this project unique is that it has a uniform structure for providing administrative services with standardized processes and regulations.

The Regional Virtual Office is a single access point for citizens and businesses to process all administrative services provided by the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. 41 Centers for Administrative Services (CAS), 463 service providers, 226 administrators, and 306 regulators from 22 districts, 13 cities, and 6 organs of territorial communities were successfully united. For 9 months in 2016 over 335 thousand services were provided through CAS. For the first time in Ukraine, an interactive united regional database of migration offences was launched: 41 CAS and more than 300 registration offices of village councils, settlement councils, and city councils. Further plans are even more ambitious.  They include optimization (reengineering) of procedures which provide administrative services, to launching an electronic CAS assessment system. The integration of both regional and local resources with the public is an important component for the analysis of corruption risks. As it remains one of Ukraine’s most pressing commitments to the Open Government Partnership initiative.

The Regional Virtual Office is integrated with the iGov project. During 2016, a high-level diagnosis of the project for developing the iGov.org.ua internet-portal was held with the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the State Agency for e-government, and the audit company PwC. The iGov service was even mentioned in the Top 100 innovations in Central and Eastern Europe, according to the world renowned newspaper, the Financial Times.

Transparency International Ukraine has proposed the implementation of a pilot project to develop responsible partnerships in the provision of administrative services at the national level.

In March 2016 TI Ukraine, the “Platform Public Control,” and “IT Movement Dnipro” held a strategic session to develop a regional action plan for the Open Government Partnership initiative in a “world café” format.  We also tested an assessment system for the first time – identification of key effectiveness indicators for the action plan. Later on this approach was used to prepare the 2016-2018 Government Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership initiative.

The Dnipropetrovsk Oblast’ is one of the most effective users of the ProZorro system, having saved more than 200 million hryvnas in 2016.

Commenting on the interim achievements involving project implementation, Olesya Arkhypska, a member of the working group on the development of e-government in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast’ and expert in governance said: “The most important thing for us – Transparency International Ukraine – is to achieve, together with our partners, the real results of the implementation of open standards and good governance, which is a major protector against corruption risks. Dnipropetrovsk Oblast’ is an example of responsible partnership and of a technocratic government”.

Our partners in the establishment of e-government and implementation of system for the provision of administrative services: USAID, OSCE, International Renaissance Foundation, EGAP Program, Eastern Europe Foundation, Microsoft, Academy of E-government (Estonia), NGO “Platform Public Control”, and “IT Movement Dnipro”.