OBJECTIVE: to use when integrating with the new healthcare information systems (hereinafter referred to as – MIS) to electronic health system (hereinafter referred to as “the System”) or its revisions, if required.

The central database administrator should attend a trial when the MIS test is performed (hereinafter referred to as – “the Administrator”) or the test may be performed online but with no possibility to display a set of functional systems. All success criteria should be checked by the system administrator.

Conditions of successful registration of a healthcare provider (hereinafter referred to as – “HCP”) in the system.

Volume: HIS should register a new HCR in the system. Digital signature will perform validation for the Registration (hereinafter referred to as – RDS). After the registration, HIS will provide information on successfully registered RDS users.


– HIS should provide the possibility of signing the data using the electronic digital signature (EDS) issued by the authorized agencies such as centers for certification of keys (Accredited Key Certification Center (AKCC) of Information Department of SFS, AKCC Private, AKCC of the Ministry of Justice, AKCC “Ukraine”);
– the new line in this system should be similar to the data filled by HCP during the registration procedure in HIS;
– the e-signature has to be automatically verified by the system;
– the data on the healthcare registration of the chief medical officer should be consistent with the data provided by HIS;
– the data about the registration address of HCP meet the state standards provided by the vocabulary search of addresses and cities (please check – Service UAddresses), and ensure “settlement_id” is correct.

Unsuccessful registration of HCP in the system – Error Handling

Volume: in case of unsuccessful registration of HCP in MIS, MIS should inform the user about the non-compliance of the data entered or other technical errors occurred during the initial registration process.

Criterion: MIS will demonstrate or provide a possibility to verify it and confirm the rules are displayed correctly and the user signing the agreement comply with the rules when reviewed them online.