The Society Needs 15 Years to Understand That Corruption Is Bad — Transparency International Ukraine

Олександр Калітенко // Громадське радіоWe talked to Oleksandr Kalitenko, policy analysis expert at Transparency International Ukraine, about the new flashmob IDontBribe, which collects positive stories about rejecting corruption.

“According to the recent opinion poll by Democratic Initiatives Foundation, 25% of Ukrainians have given a bribe during the past year. This research has also shown that most Ukrainians consider bribes unacceptable, negative. At the same time, almost a half justify bribes when it is convenient for them. We decided to bring up this important issue and everyone’s relationship with corruption. We started this flashmob, #IDontBribe, asking people why they give bribes and what they feel when they do it. Our goal is to collect positive stories about resistance to corruption,” he said.

Oleksandr Kalitenko also added that psychologists believe that the public mindset will be changing for fifteen years to conquer corruption.

“We talked to psychologists. They say it will take fifteen years to change the mindset, it’s not a fast process that we can just go ahead and changed the whole country. It’s already our fourth campaign, and we are doing it systematically. Such public disapproval of corruption can lead to stronger resistance to corruption in the future,” he said.