as part of implementation of the project Building Transparency in Ukrainian Cities


(third party financing)

In June of 2017, the Ukrainian chapter of the global anti-corruption network Transparency International published a ranking and a thorough study of transparency of 100 biggest Ukrainian cities. The ranking was compiled based on 91 indicators in 13 areas. For instance, the areas accounted for were financing and budget, procurement, housing and municipal policy, education, social services, information on the work of local authorities etc.

In order to involve local CSOs in building transparency and accountability in Ukrainian ciies included in the ranking, TI Ukraine announces a subgrant competition. The competition is part of the project Building Transparency in Ukrainian Cities financed by UNDEF.

Aim of the competition: to increase the transparency level of municipality by at least 20 points in comparison with the situation in the transparency ranking as of June 2017 (ranking and methodology available at

Geography of the competition: Cities included in the TransparentCities ranking (find

Eligibility criteria and more details are available in the Ukrainian version of the page. Only local CSOs can apply.