ТІ Ukraine requests the National Agency On Corruption Prevention (NACP) and the Ministry of Justice to draft and adopt documents necessary for the verification of officials’ declarations and the monitoring of their lifestyles.  

The Ukrainian Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has recently denied the state registration of documents calling for the regulation of declaration verification and monitoring of e-declarants’ lifestyles by finding them to be ‘incorrect’. This refers to the procedures of control over declarations verification and lifestyles monitoring of state officials. Registration of such documents is a necessary condition for the NACP to begin the monitoring and verification.

According to the minutes of the round table meeting regarding the presentation of the procedures on November 3, 2016, published by a member from the NACP, Ruslan Radetskyi, representatives participated in the discussion did not correspond to the Ministry of Justice’s information on personal non-involvement (“neither at the development, nor at the discussion stages”) on November 24.

‘After another discussion with representatives from the Ministry of Justice, civil associations, and scientific establishments, who coordinated with other state authorities, stated that a resubmission of documents to the NACP is necessary’, stated the ministry.

New procedures adopted by the agency must be consistent with the current legislation and correspond with acts previously adopted by the NACP. They should exclude discretionary authorities, but retain principles of legality according to the system of Ukraine. The mechanism for data verification reliability from open sources must be provided and improved, with a predetermined framework for lifestyle monitoring.

ТІ Ukraine requests all concerned parties to set strict regulations on the full declarations verification and lifestyles monitoring, to prevent the avoidance of punishments.