Transparency International Ukraine has launched its online store! Now everybody can say NO to corruption together with people from more than 100 countries of the world, which are the part of the global anti-corruption movement Transparency International.  

Thanks to international support, contributions from citizens, and businesses, our team has been creating innovative anti-corruption tools. And reliable and varied financing allows us to be independent, protect our reputation, and act efficiently.

Online store with TI Ukraine merchandise is a reminder that life without corruption does exist and it puts an end to the questions such as “where can I get the Corruptor cup?”. Besides, it’s a great clue for those who haven’t come up with their Christmas gifts.

In any circumstances, you know that life without bribes is more comfortable and the country is more successful. And let everybody know about your wish for real changes inside the country! With the #FightCorruptor notebook during exams, TI Ukraine sticker on your PC, wearing our T-shirt at a PTA meeting, or with our reusable bottle while strolling through the city.

Each of your contributions means one less “betrayal” in procurement on ProZorro, a draft law of a higher quality in the Verkhovna Rada, recommendations for your city’s authorities on how to be more open to citizens and more attractive for investors.

The first 20 of our shoppers will get a free shopping bag #FightCorruptor.

Follow the news – it’s only getting more interesting.