March 13, 2017: a new project on trading of state property ProZorro.Sale was presented in Kyiv. The State Property Fund of Ukraine became a new partner of the project. The lots which are offered for sale via the new electronic system include state and public property, unprocessed timber, scrap metal, and objects of small scale privatization including buildings, constructions etc.

During the presentation, the Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine, Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, mentioned the positive experience of electronic system usage by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. He said that with the help of the system, the Fund earned an extra profit of 200 million UAH from insolvent bank asset sale. The average price increase for the lots in the ProZorro.Sale system was 19% when it was used by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. For the whole period of the draft project, Transparency International Ukraine received  only one complaint from a participant of the bidding process.

Yaroslav Yurchyshyn sees a lot of potential in the new project with the State Property Fund. “Now we can see that there are many time-sensitive goods in the country, for example, timber. There is a great amount of timber. If we don’t sell it, it just breaks down. And there are many other examples like that. Our aim is not to beg IMF to give us money, but to manage our own properties effectively, as we are one of the biggest resource countries of Europe,” he said.

TI Ukraine’s Executive Director expressed the willingness of the organization to remain a guarantor of transparency and involvement of all the parties of the project.

“We ask all the state institutions to follow the example of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and to act proactively. It is important to change the mechanisms that allowed to organize three-month-long or even longer sales. It reduces the possibility to sell the goods effectively. We are glad that after our project with the Deposit Guarantee Fund, we started cooperating with the Cabinet of Ministers and the State Property Fund,” said the Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine. He mentioned that the Prime Minster of Ukraine Volodymyr Hroisman made a call for the wide use of ProZorro.Sale. “The project office is ready for the extra challenges and we are ready for extra monitoring,” Yaroslav Yurchyshyn conveyed.