TI Ukraine has celebrated five years since it was granted full accreditation as a chapter of the global atni-corruption movement Transparency International. Together with international partners, representatives of public authorities, civil society organizations and journalists, we have discussed what victories we have already achieved, what we have learned and what values have been helping us to move forward.

“Here are the three most important lessons during these five years. Firstly, you always need to have a conversation. We are ready to speak with everyone as long as we can change something. Secondly, don’t give up! We often speak about eliminating corruption, but here at TI we know that it’s impossible. We can just contribute to reducing the level of corruption. Thirdly, don’t forget about principles. In our work, we always need to compromise, but there is always a line which you shouldn’t cross. So you need to always remember the principles which accompany you in any system, especially a public body of power,” said Andrii Borovyk, Executive Director of TI Ukraine.

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TI Ukraine 5 years

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