Has Ukraine made a progress forward after a year of anti-corruption fight? What does Ukrainian authority lack while recovering stolen assets? Why do the grand corrupt officials of the Yanukovych regime are still unpunished and what advices of international community could give to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies? At the press-conference on May,23 at 10:00 in Information Centre of UNIAN, the chair of global anti-corruption movement Transparency International Jose Ugas jointly with representatives of Transparency International Ukraine defined necessary steps for a successful fight against corruption accordingly to the results of international workshop for assets recovery.

Contact for media: Olha Tymchenko, Head of Communication Department of Transparency International Ukraine, phone 050-352-96-18, e-mail: [email protected]     

Jose Carlos Ugas Sánchez-Moreno, head of global anti-corruption movement Transparency International, is a man who in time of acting as special attorney of Peru achieved four-time conviction of acting President of Peru Alberto Fujimori on charges of corruption and human rights violations. Ugas’ team for the period of 14 months jailed between 15 and 20 attorneys and judges, including four members of Constitutional Court and an Attorney General. “We opened cases against 1500 persons, started 200 court cases, and at the moment when I left my position, we had returned to the country 75 millions of US. dollars from offshores in Switzerland, Mexico, Luxembourg and Cayman Islands”, – told Ugas during an interview in 2013. End of conversation in chat.

Discussion will include key recommendations from international experts accordingly to the results of international workshop of Transparency International Ukraine «How can Ukraine at last achieve success in the fighting top-corruption and returning of stolen assets?”. Foreign experts introduced Ukrainian law enforcers to successful practices of returning of stolen assets in Uzbekistan, Tunis, Egypt and Equatorial Guinea.


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