ProZorro participants’ activity based on BI data

Over 90,000 bidders submitted bid proposals since the launch of the ProZorro pilot project and until August 1, 2019. Eventually, some participants ceased to participate in competitive bidding. During the third year of ProZorro’s activity, about half of all bidders who have joined in the previous years have still submitted the bid proposals.

During the three-year period, the vast majority of new bidders, who have ceased participating in the first year of their work, left ProZorro immediately after one or two unsuccessful attempts. The first five bids can be considered critical, since 90% of bidders who have stopped engaging in competitive bidding have submitted their bid proposals up to 5 times inclusive. It is therefore necessary to pay more attention to “new” participants to encourage them to remain in the system.

ProZorro data for the last year (August 2018–August 2019) showed that less than 30% of participants took part in only one tender per year and only ≈20% did it once a month or more often. Half the participants would make bids 2 to 10 times a year. In addition, approximately half the participants worked with only one procuring entity during the year.

About half the bidders were disqualified by a procuring entity each year. Notably, for most of them these are exceptions rather than systemic issues. Almost half of all disqualified participants had only one disqualification per year, another 18% were disqualified twice a year. An increasingly large number of entrepreneurs participate in procurement of UAH 200,000 and more every year. Besides, ≈50% of all bidders participate in tenders only within their area.