On the 5th of February, Ukrainian Fashion Week presented a new anti-corruption clothing collection by young designers Monica Bernar and Anastasiia Serhachova. The initiative to hold the ‘KORRUPTA’ art-performance was supported by TI Ukraine.
The designers say that their models symbolize the 24 Ukrainian oblasts and Crimea which is currently occupied. The white dresses stress the supposed purity, attempted flawlessness and scheming cleverness of corruption  within Ukraine, which seduces politicians, oligarchs and officials alike. While the two red pieces in the collection are associated with the ongoing violence in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions to the east, the dress representing Crimea is made of sackcloth, thus symbolizing a politically, socially and economically separated society. By contrasting brilliantly colored laces with plain white laces, the underlying message of corruption is exposed: corruption will always be tied into everything and most Ukrainian officials are either unable to or do not attempt to break free from it. As it was envisioned by the creators the sleeves and pockets are designed to cover the hands of corrupt officials.
For the finale of the anti-corruption performance the artists, Serhii Zakharov and Daryna Momot, painted the models patriotic blue and yellow, thus symbolizing the inevitable victory of the Ukrainian anti-corruption drive.
With this project the designers want to start up a new anti-corruption art movement aimed to show Ukrainian political and intellectual fashion on a global scale.