On September 18, a private contractor came to TI Ukraine’s office with a court decision which restricted her from bidding on an asset in ProZorro.Sales.
The court decision that we were not able to study in detail was made only on Friday. It is not on the Register of Court Decisions yet. It concerns an asset that was to be sold on Monday. So, the contractor was in a hurry before the start on the auction and arrived at our office barely an hour before its start.
It is a remarkable example of unscrupulous debtors trying to avoid paying off the debt. It proves once again that a transparent electronic system is the most effective tool to sell assets of liquidated banks, and the debtors themselves understand it perfectly well.
Of course, we are going to appeal this decision, since it does not contain any substantial arguments. As for its composition or implementation, both of them include significant violations.
The bidding will still take place.
Everything will be transparent. The fight is on.