In October, the civic organization Transparency International Ukraine organized a series of unusual cinema events to encourage people to denounce corruption. We have prepared a documentary video about one of them on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day.

While watching trailers before the films’ beginning, visitors of cinemas did not expect something extraordinary at that moment. But one hero could shatter their calm and prevent someone’s malicious plans. So it was demonstrated evidently to moviegoers that the victory over corruption starts with the victory over concealing its facts.

You can watch the video with all details of the event.

‘The majority of corruption practices in Ukraine occurs because of the acquiescence of citizens, who are aware of these facts, but are not going to denounce. To inspire people, we have selected cinemas - places where people usually are silent witnesses of events. We have shown that each new message on corruption makes possible to overcome it,’ - comments the activity Olga Tymchenko, the Communications Department Head of TI Ukraine.

We remind you that you can denounce anonymously and get the necessary support to fight corruption on the websites і

‘We would like to thank our partners from the advertising agency Cheil Ukraine for development and implementation of this event,’ - Olga Tymchenko added.

The film event was in the framework of the informational and advocacy campaign on whistleblowers protection ‘They wouldn’t keep silent’. It aims to change the negative perception of corruption whistleblowers. The project is being implemented by the international civicorganization Transparency International Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Information Policy, Social Advertising Exchange and the project The Ukraine National Initiatives to Enhance Reforms (UNITER), financed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Pact in Ukraine. The partners of the information campaign are the web page, an advertising agency HAVAS Worldwide Ukraine, Cheil Ukraine, and Multiplex cinema network.

Note:  Transparency International Ukraine is a national chapter of Transparency International, anti-corruption NGO with over 90 national chapters; which works in more than 100 countries. TI Ukraine’s mission is to limit the increase of corruption in Ukraine by promoting transparency, accountability, and integrity in public authorities and civil society. You can learn more about the organization’s activity on the website

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