He posted a photo of the corresponding statement today, on June 29, on his social networks.

“I am informing you about the withdrawal of my vote for the candidate for the position of ARMA Head Olena Duma due to the lack of complete and reliable information about the candidate at the time of voting, as well as due to non-observance of the full voting procedure,” Ostapenko wrote in the statement, addressing the selection commission.

As a result, Ostapenko called on the commission to hold a meeting in the near future to resolve these issues and determine the results of the vote in an appropriate manner within the framework of due process.

“We are convinced that the commission should meet and consider the position of its member. In the future, if Ostapenko’s statement is considered, a review of the voting results should take place, and then, perhaps, the name of the future ARMA head will be finally known,” said  Kateryna Ryzhenko,Deputy Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine. 

For its part, Transparency International Ukraine calls on the commission to hold a meeting in the near future, consider the statement of Dmytro Ostapenko, and determine a clear procedure for selecting the winner, taking into account new circumstances. 

Let us remind you that yesterday, on June 28, the commission held a vote for candidates for the post of the ARMA Head. Olena Duma, ex-deputy head of the regional state administration and Serhii Rokun, Head of the First Detectives Department of the Second Detectives Division of the Main Detectives Division of the NABU received the most votes — 6 and 5, accordingly.

As a result of the meeting, the commission declared Olena Duma the winner of the competition, although there were a lot of questions from the public, including from Transparency International Ukraine. In our opinion, such an appointment can put an end to the ARMA.