If you do not tolerate corruption, are honest in everyday life and at work, support transparent and accountable processes in our country, join us! Together, we will manage to reduce the level of corruption in Ukraine more effectively.

To become an individual member of TI Ukraine, you need to:

Advantages of membership

You will be able to participate in the implementation of the goal, tasks, programs, and activities of TI Ukraine, use the information networks of our organization, receive proper protection of your rights and interests, etc.

Where to send the application and recommendations?

The application and recommendations of two valid members of TI Ukraine should be sent by e-mail in PDF format to [email protected] or by regular mail.

When will the outcome of the consideration of the submitted documents be known?

Your application will be considered by the Board of TI Ukraine at the next meeting. You will be notified of the decision made additionally, usually within seven days after the adoption of a positive or negative decision. Membership begins from the moment of official notification about it.

Special aspects

Membership in TI Ukraine does not confer membership in the global movement of Transparency International and vice versa.

Membership in other associations of citizens does not interfere with membership in TI Ukraine.

Membership in TI Ukraine may be terminated voluntarily, by expulsion by the decision of the Board, or automatically.

For additional questions about membership, write to [email protected].