On November 1, 2016 the DoZorro (dozorro.org) monitoring portal began its work. The platform aims to provide additional transparency in the electronic public procurement system. The main feature of DoZorro is the establishment of a unique database of real assessment of procurers, contractors and certain tenders.

The portal joins the efforts of the State, businesses, and civil society, having gathered the best international practices and national methods of exposing violations in the sphere of public procurement. All the portal participants get access to real and efficient legal tools for the appeal of doubtful procurements. Tender participants will have an opportunity to assess their partners by agreements and provide expanded feedbacks.  The rating will be automatically formed based on this information. It will be clear from each profile whether a separate user is a responsible contractor or a procurer. Such systematized information will enable all parties to adopt rational decisions in activities connected with the ProZorro system.

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Maxym Nefiodovparticipated in the presentation. He stated that the ProZorro system has powerful tools to access all the data concerning public procurements and exposed violations. However, procurement monitoring should be carried out systematically. “The DoZorro portal allows the consolidation of efforts of all the parties interested in providing healthy competitions in the sphere of public procurement. Breachers of  creative customers and unfair suppliers will be caught out Reports on corruption, provide feedbacks, and assess the work – this is for the benefit of all of us as taxpayers, ” called the official.

The portal was established and administered by the organization, Transparency International Ukraine. The coordinator is Krystyna Hutsalova, participated in the launch of the ProZorro project. DoZorro is directly connected to the ProZorro database via open АРІ, the access of which is free. Transition to the portal’s functions will be available on electronic platforms connected to ProZorro. Therefore, DoZorro is a part of a single eco-system built around public procurements in Ukraine. The Director of the Innovation Projects Programme at Transparency International Ukraine, Viktor Nestulia stated: “From the very beginning of public procurement reform, we have tried to change the vision of all the users of the system. Having explained that all of them are their clients, we informed that each client should have an opportunity to provide feedback and assess the quality of provided services. DoZorro is a realization of such vision”.

Representatives of Kyiv City State Administration were one of those willing to experiment with the system. The deputy of the public utility Informatyka Tetiana Koba stated during the portal presentation: “The results of the Kyiv City State Administration in the ProZorro system public procurements proved to the whole of Ukraine the applicability of transparent procurements. We will actively cooperate with TI Ukraine in the DoZorro project and will consider the opportunity of using its data while analyzing our procurements”.

Businesses also supported the civil initiative on establishing a monitoring portal. The manager of VEKA Ukraine, Larysa Leonchyk participated in the presentation. Representatives of electronic trade platforms Samvel Akobian (Держзакупівлі.онлайн) and Mykola Zhandorov (Zakupki.Prom.ua) promised to cooperate with ProZorro as well.

The portal was created in the framework of a two year monitoring program, implemented by Transparency International Ukraine with the support of Omidyar Network, Open Contracting Partnership and EBRD. The program provides for the creation and development of monitoring infrastructure around the ProZorro e-procurement system. Apart from DoZorro, analytical tools are developed on a basis of Qlik Sense (bi.prozorro.org) and Qlik View (bipro.prozorro.org) as well as automatic risk indicators, a new approach to monitoring through the usage of open data is developed and tested with constant legal assistance provided to all users of the system.