The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) searched and seized some computer equipment of the investment company Dragon Capital and several other companies. Director General of Dragon Capital is a member of the Board of Transparency International Ukraine, Tomas Fiala.

The cause of the searches announced by SSU is the work time tracker software officially purchased in 2015 but which has been considered illegal since 2016.

TI Ukraine believes that SSU violated some of the standard police procedures while searching and seizing computer-related equipment of business operations.

The company representatives admit that the political and economic pressure on businesses and some legal entities increased significantly in recent years. At the same time, smuggling and illegal business flourish in Ukraine. Instead of the fight against corruption and serious economic and political crimes such as economic fraud, other types of fraudulent actions, and smuggling SSU uses its resources to pressure the largest investment and financial services company in Ukraine.

Such actions of law enforcement authorities could lead to distrust in government institutions and decreased investments in Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, law enforcement and regulatory authorities in Ukraine have not ensured professional ethics that could restore confidence in them. We hope that reforms of law enforcement, judicial and regulatory bodies, including development of the Financial Investigation Service responsible for investigations of economic crimes, will change relations of the triangle “society-business-government,” ­­ explained the executive director of TI Ukraine Yaroslav Yurchyshyn.

As the chapter of global anti-corruption movement Transparency International, the organization will be watchful for and ensure that law enforcement agencies are not manipulated and do not put pressure on business. President, Parliament and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should ensure control of SSU and introduce reform efforts. TI promises to inform the Ukrainian and international communities about course of events. The organization believes that SSU will apply more efforts to improve quality of performance while protecting national security and avoid actions that may scare off foreign or domestic investors.

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