Transparency International Ukraine welcomes news about the assets stolen by Viktor Yanukovych their return to the state budget.

The Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko shared this information with public at his press conference. Nevertheless, we urge transparent and accountable use of the relocated resources.  Also, we insist the public should be involved in the process of monitoring as adopted by Articles 9, 10 and 13 of the UN Convention against Corruption.

Moreover, Transparency International Ukraine confirms absense of full and accurate information of the confiscation process.

Even after the press conference given by Yurii Lutsenko, the full text of the court decision has not yet been officially announced by the General Prosecution Office.

However, Transparency International Ukraine expects the advance in work of the General Prosecutor’s Office in the criminal investigation regarding corruption schemes of former officials of the Yanukovych regime. First of all this matter concerns persons subjected to EU financial sanctions. Returning to the state budget assets illegally acquired by these persons is a priority for law enforcement agencies for the last three years, both in Ukraine and abroad. Unfortunately, real impact has not been achieved yet.

Transparency International Ukraine expresses its readiness to increase transparency and accountability of public authorities in issues regarding the fight against the grand corruption and return of the stolen assets.