The Ukrainian chapter of the global anti-corruption organization Transparency International cordially invites representatives of city councils to the workshop “Transparent Self-Government: How It Benefits the City Council and the Community.” The event takes place as part of the project Transparent Cities Club, which aims at inspiring cities to achieve high transparency scores and disseminate their best practices among other Ukrainian cities.

  • The public is not constructive and only comes to sessions to yell at us. How do we change the situation?
  • We publish a lot of information on the website, but civil society organizations still ask us to send it to them personally in their requests. How do we stop doing extra work?
  • We have launched a participation budget, but people only submit ideas on playgrounds and stadiums. How do we diversify it?
  • We have a lot of electronic services on the website and have spent a lot of money on them, but nobody is using them. What do we do?
  • We would like to attract investors. How do we achieve it using the city council website?
  • How do we make the official website the kind that citizens immediately think of when they need to receive some kind of public service?

You will be able to find out about all of this and more at the workshop in Mariupol on 18 September. The event will take place at 79 Heorhiivska street (Reikartz hotel). Check-in opens at 9 a.m.

To participate in the event, please register at by 14 September. The participants will be provided with food and handouts. Please note that we do not cover travel expenses.

The event is organized by the Transparent Cities program as part of the project Building Transparency in Ukrainian Cities, implemented with the support of UN Democracy Fund.

Point of contact:

Alina Kobenko

communications manager with Building Transparency in Ukrainian Cities

cell +38 0930648865,

e-mail: [email protected]