Institutional Development. Annual report 2019

Annual Report of TI Ukraine 2019


Annual report 2019

Ensure the effective functioning of an organization resistant to internal and external change.


more about context

• effective governance;
• diversified sources of financing;
• functional organizational structure and business processes;
• developed organizational culture;
• effective ways of informing and involving target groups identified by the organization.

In recent years, TI Ukraine has increased the number of projects implemented and, accordingly, the number of specialists involved. In response to the emerging need for the organization, new functions have been introduced.

According to the results of 2019, it can be argued that the organization pays attention to the function of management and development of individuals involved in projects, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation of their activities. An operational and financial planning system is in place. However, the level of outreach to our programs and projects, and therefore the level of engagement, is lower than expected.

TI Ukraine aims at


on the knowledge of policies, procedures and job satisfaction.

so that colleagues can get acquainted with the intricacies of the organization’s projects and programs.

on request of the organization’s team members. Numbers: 18 surveys – 364 questions – received 1,625 responses. 88% of those surveyed were external participants and 12% were team members.

to inform our partners of the main results and plans to raise awareness and communication within the team.

a single management system.

During the year, 4 team members demonstrated significant growth in the organization and changed their positions (3 out of 4 employees – to management positions). Within last year, 12 new employees have joined the TI Ukraine team.


ENGAGEMENT in the organization’s activities:

TI was represented in 20 oblasts of the country
(except Vinnytsia, Volyn, Kherson, Cherkasy oblasts and
Autonomous Republic of Crimea)

events where the TI Ukraine team was represented


Among these activities, the organization acted as:


invited participant






The audience of our activities:

NGO representatives

Journalists 5%

Lawyers 4%

International partners/ organizations 4%

Business representatives 14%

Academia 8%

Government authorities 6%

of local self-government bodies 8%

They were mostly educational activities (trainings, seminars, webinars) (44%), public discussions (14%), consultations, TI expertise (where we act as consultants) (11%)


unique contacts have been added to our database over 2019






the average age of the participants (the youngest participant being 17, the oldest being 77)

Other 18%


An intermediate evaluation of the institutional capacity of TI Ukraine using the international OPI methodology (Pact’s Organizational Performance Index) was carried out: we were rated at 3.4 points out of 4; (In 2017, we were rated at 2.8 points out of 4 possible according to this methodology).

Partners and donors

Launch of the TI Ukraine Online Store

In December 2019, TI Ukraine launched the Transparency International Ukraine online shop. With TI merch, anyone can join TI’s global anti-corruption movement and say “no” to corruption together with people from 100 other countries.

With our notepad during exams, a TI Ukraine sticker on the phone, in our t-shirt at a parent teacher conference or with a thermal mug while walking the city streets – in any situation you can be imbued with the wish for real change in the country and a comfortable life without corruption.

Each donation through the TI Ukraine store is minus one violation on ProZorro procurement, a higher-quality draft law in the Verkhovna Rada, and recommendations for city councils on how to be more attractive to investors. Now you can see products on the site with the unique design of “Erasing Corruption” and the already legendary #FightCorruptor.

It is the contributions of citizens and businesses that provide reliable funding and enable us to be independent, protect our reputation and act effectively.


Financial Report



(in partnership with “Nashi Hroshi” in the project “Enhancing the role of civil society in the oversight of public finances”)

Bureau (Dnipro)
Lviv Group (Lviv)
Chuhuiv Human Rights Group (Chuhuiv)
Meridian Information and Resource Services Center (Meridian.Lviv)
Charity and Health Foundation (Kherson)

Cherkasy News Agency 18000 (Cherkasy)
Kremenchuk Information and Educational Center “European club “(Kremenchuk)
Media Investigation Center “Prozoro” (Kropyvnytskyi)

@ Transparency International Ukraine 2020

Transparency International is an anti-corruption organization founded in 1993 in Berlin by former World Bank director Peter Eigen. Currently, the chair of the Board is Delia Ferreira. Transparency International operates in more than 100 countries worldwide. The organization is best known for its Corruption Perceptions Index and Global Corruption Barometer. According to Global Go To Think Index Tank 2017, Transparency International ranked 51st out of 173 global think tanks and was the leader among 65 think tanks working on issues of open and good governance.