To ensure the efficiency and transparency of the public procurement system.


Transparency International Ukraine administered the creation of the Prozorro electronic public procurement system. After transferring it to the state-owned enterprise Prozorro, we focused on monitoring compliance with the law and the development of analytical tools. To this end, TI Ukraine founded the DOZORRO project.

We monitor public procurement

We monitor public procurement and risky tenders and check them for violations. If we find problems, we contact procuring entities so that they can fix them. If necessary, we appeal to the relevant supervisory or law enforcement agencies.

We study the operation of the system

DOZORRO analyzes procurement transactions in various areas and the functioning of individual tools of the system. Our research identifies gaps and deficiencies in public procurement and offers options on how to address them.

We analyze legislative initiatives

Based on thorough analytics, we advocate quality changes to improve the field of public procurement and join expert groups to develop solutions. In addition, the DOZORRO team protects the sphere from corruption ideas.

We develop analytical tools

The BI Prozorro public analytics module is a powerful online tool for comprehensive procurement analysis administered by our team. It is free and available to anyone. It is used by both procuring entities and businesses engaged in procurement, as well as journalists, supervisory bodies, and even the State Enterprise Prozorro and the Ministry of Economy.

The professional analytics module is a data analytics module of the Prozorro system with an advanced functionality. Access to this tool is limited; we provide it to government agencies, CSOs, scholars, and analysts.

We are engaged in improving the system and the sphere as a whole

Our team provides proposals to improve data quality and digitalize public procurement, and helps Prozorro implement them. In addition, we help increase the institutional capacity of supervisory bodies and other stakeholders in the field.

The public should work together with the state and jointly develop transparency and efficiency of budget spending.

Ivan Lakhtionov, Deputy Executive Director for Innovation Projects

Команда інноваційних інструментів TI Ukraine

Opening data simplifies life greatly and even impacts public policy.

Serhii Pavliuk, BI Prozorro Project Manager

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Results for 2016-2023

We participated in the development and advocacy of Laws 2265-VIII (on procurement monitoring) and 114-IX (large-scale changes in the field, which entered into force on April 19, 2020) and a number of other important changes in public procurement.

  • In total, we analyzed approximately 120 legislative initiatives: we advocated in favor of useful ones and against harmful ones.
  • We sent 31,000 requests based on our monitoring. More than 100 criminal proceedings were opened upon the facts of identified violations.
  • We published 25 studies on public procurement, which helped improve the field.
  • We helped launch the State Logistics Operator, a procurement agency that provides for the non-lethal needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Since 2015, we have been developing analytical tools and training supervisory bodies, procuring entities, businesses, civil society activists, and journalists to use them. Every year, BI Prozorro helps city councils that use the module save more than 160 hours when reporting.

●      In 2018, the OGP recognized DOZORRO as the best project to engage citizens in reforms in Ukraine. In 2020, the role of DOZORRO in the development of public procurement was noted within the USAID Digital Development Awards. In 2021, DOZORRO, together with Prozorro, was cited as an example in the U.S. Strategy on Countering Corruption.