Creative Union “TORO” (Transparency International – Ukraine) and Laboratory of Legislative Initiatives conducted the research “National Integrity System – Assessment of Ukraine” based on Transparency International methodology. It was demonstrated in the research that none of the institutions or pillars is capable of making an influence on the decrease of general level of corruption. The most integral institution is the Chamber of Accounts of Ukraine (65.97 points), and the least integral are political parties (27.77 points). The complex independent assessment of 13 key institutions and sectors of Ukraine was conducted in 2010 according to the following parameters: a) capacity to efficiently carry out activity related to fighting corruption; b) transparency and accountability; c) role in preventing corruption and providing for good governance. The following institutions were included in the research: political parties, the Central Election Committee, law-enforcement bodies, the Verkhovna Rada, mass media, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Chamber of Accounts, judiciary bodies, business-sector, public sector, the Ombudsman, specialized anti-corruption bodies, civil society organizations. Research methodology was approbated in more than 70 countries of the world. Anti-corruption specialists and experts, representatives of international and non-governmental organizations, media and business-sectors developed a number of primary recommendations; in case of their execution by the authorities, institutions themselves and other stakeholders capacity of Ukraine to efficiently counteract corruption at different levels would sufficiently increase. More information about recommendations and complete research results is available in attached file