The participation of civil society is an important condition for ensuring accountability and control over the implementation of projects and programs of Ukraine’s reconstruction.

The efforts that the partners will invest in the reconstruction of Ukraine directly depend on the level of trust that they will have in the effectiveness and transparency of the reconstruction process.

At the same time, the role of civil society organizations lies, in particular, in ensuring independent oversight over the course of recovery. Thus, they are tasked with identifying systematic manifestations of inefficient solutions and approaches. Moreover, CSOs should help ensure that the reconstruction processes are improved, and the level of trust in them remains high.

Transparency International Ukraine CSO has considerable experience in monitoring public procurement and the formation of network associations of civil society organizations. In particular, the DOZORRO project is one of the most successful examples of when civil society organizations united to achieve a common goal — to improve the efficiency of public procurement.

However, public control in the field of reconstruction requires that the competencies and capabilities of civil society organizations be expanded. After all, it is associated with much broader processes than the procurement procedure itself. It is about identifying and assessing the needs and design of the project, looking for optimal ways to solve problems, as well as organizing procurement and effective implementation of the reconstruction project.

That is why TI Ukraine plans to ensure that effective approaches to public control over reconstruction projects are developed and to participate in the formation of a network of civil society organizations whose goal is to contribute to improving the efficiency of Ukraine’s reconstruction.