The report on the public procurement for the first quarter of 2017 was prepared by Transparency International Ukraine with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. The research involves the statistical data on tenders for the period specified above. During this period of time, 45 thousand of contracts for 94 billion UAH were concluded through ProZorro.

However, only 43% of purchases among the announced competitive procedures were successful. The report also includes the analysis of active participants, competition and customer behavior in case of their disqualification.

Transparenvy International Ukraine prepared a detailed analysis of the public procurement system monitoring for the period mentioned above. Based on information from the DOZORRO platform, there was a response to 800 cases of tender legislation violations. The section contains a description of the most illustrative cases when parties try to participate on non-competitive basis and with discriminatory conditions or without legal compliance.

The report contains an overview of the main developments in public procurement. In a separate section, all legislative initiatives are analyzed.

The main subject of the quarter report is defined by the authors as “Below-Threshold Procurement.”

TI Ukraine and MEDT analysts provided details statistics and concluded that customers prefer to report on the procedure of competitive below-threshold contract. Also, positive changes in assessments and improvements that may lead to changes in legislation on below-threshold procurement and potential problems were taken into account.

The report can be found here.