From now on, website has a function to track cities’ activity in the fight for transparency. In the “Rating” part of the website there is now the button “Current Situation.” If you press it, you can see where cities rank in the transparency ranking as of now. 
The current results can be compared with those presented in June of 2017. The points have been recalculated based on information obtained from city councils. As of December 20, 5 cities have provided new information: Lviv, Drohobych, Zhytomyr, Boyarka and Dnipro. These data have been included in the new table.
The team of the Ukrainian chapter of Transparency International which works on city transparency will present the results of the next stage of city ranking in 2018. The current results are already displayed on the website.
TI Ukraine continues systemic improvement of transparency in cities and increase in their total number of points in the ranking. That is why we have arrived at the idea of constant updates to the existing ranking to motivate and support the local self-government in greater accountability.
If you have implemented expert recommendations and increased your city’s transparency level, notify manager of Transparent Cities Kateryna Tsybenko of your successes. Send information on the positive changes to, and the team will update the transparency ranking of your city on the website.
As a reminder, 13 accountability areas with a total of 91 indicators have been taken into account while compiling the transparency ranking of 100 Ukrainian cities. After the results have been published, the project team has made a number of regional presentations. Besides, representatives of TI Ukraine consulted the authorities and supported activists from smaller cities which were not included in the ranking.
In August and September of 2017, the best transparency experts conducted 10 regional seminars for representatives of authorities, journalists and activists where they taught over 350 individuals on the Slovak experience with fighting corruption in municipalities, taught them how to achieve transparency in various areas.
The project Building Transparency in Ukrainian Cities is implemented by Transparency International Ukraine with the help of UNDEF. Project partners are Transparency International Slovakia and the Institute of Political Education. 


Media contact: Kateryna Tsybenko, manager of Transparent Cities at Transparency International Ukraine
+38 098 231 08 81
Transparency International Ukraine is a national chapter of Transparency International, an anti-corruption NGO with over 90 national chapters; which operates in more than 100 countries. TI Ukraine’s mission is to limit the increase of corruption in Ukraine by promoting transparency, accountability, and integrity in both the public authorities and civil society. You can learn more about the organization’s activity on the website