On the day of the russian invasion of Ukraine, Belarus launched 4 ballistic missiles in a southwesterly direction. Few days before that, Alexander Lukashenko promised Volodymyr Zelenskyy not to launch missiles from his territory. But that promise is still being broken.

In March, the Belarusian authorities allowed the movement of russian missiles and shells by their railway. From there, they transport the main parts of the Tochka-U missiles, the Grad and Smerch rockets, quasi-ballistic and cruise missiles for the Iskanders.

In addition, Belarus provides its airfields near Mozyr, Gomel, Brest, and other cities for air strikes by the occupiers. Missiles fired from Belarus bombed Chernihiv and killed our people. Now, 70% of this Ukrainian city is destroyed. Not the least thanks to the Belarusians.

Although the Belarusian army has not officially invaded Ukraine, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus allows russian troops to use the territory to attack Ukraine. Thus, the army of the rf entered the Chornobyl exclusion zone and seized the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. This created the threat of a nuclear catastrophe, in particular, for Belarusians, because they live on the border with a nuclear power plant. However, Lukashenko obviously does not care.

By the way, the territory of Belarus also serves as a refuge for pro-russian traitors. On the eve of the war, Oksana Marchenko, the wife of the putin’s friend, left Ukraine and fled precisely across the Belarusian border. And Belarusian hospitals and morgues shelter the russian military. Yes, taxes of Belarusians go to the treatment of the occupiers.

Alexander Lukashenko consciously does not recognize russian war crimes and supports the kremlin’s propaganda. Recently, he called the Bucha genocide “a psychological special operation conducted by the British.” At the official level, Belarus openly supports russia, it was against the exclusion of the rf from the UN Human Rights Council.

But not all Belarusians are loyal to Lukashenko and support the actions of the authorities. 

To resist the regime and russian aggression, Belarusians are waging a “railroad war” — destroying railway tracks, damaging roads, destroying equipment. In response to the sabotage of people, the security forces of Belarus opened fire on the target.

Some Belarusian officers and soldiers refused to participate in the war, and other volunteers sided with Ukraine and fought together against the occupiers. The telegram channel “Belaruski Hayun” is fighting on the information front. It publishes daily data on the movement of russian military equipment and the launching of missiles from Belarus.

Supporting the war, EU and US countries imposed sanctions on Belarus:

  • disconnected three banks from SWIFT;
  • prohibited transactions with the Central Bank, prohibited to place and provide services regarding shares of state structures on the trading platforms of the EU;
  • since April 12, the EU does not accept deposits exceeding EUR 100,000, and central securities depositories of the EU should not hold accounts of Belarusian customers and sell securities in EUR;
  • banned the supply of banknotes in euros to Belarus;
  • cancelled the authorization for the transport of goods within the EU;
  • The US Department of Commerce has imposed licensing restrictions on the supply of fertilizers and chemicals from American suppliers to Belarus.

The sanctions package should be strengthened until individual Belarusians stop helping russia in the war. For complicity, everyone must be punished accordingly.

The Belarusian people must resist the internal occupation and methods of the kremlin, unite with the Ukrainians, drop Lukashenko, and put their land in order without the “fraternal support” of moscow and its invaders.

And Ukrainians, despite the attack of the russians from Belarus and the broad front that forces our military to stretch its forces, will crush all enemies. We wish there were no Belarusians among them.

The Belarusian people must resist the internal occupation and methods of the kremlin, unite with the Ukrainians, drop Lukashenko, and put their land in order without the “fraternal support” of moscow and its invaders.