Every two years, the Amalia Award celebrates the professional excellence and impact by the anti-corruption fighters from within the global Transparency International movement.

This year, in the “Impact” category, the award has been given to Transparency International Ukraine.

Since its inception, our team has worked incessantly to make the country stronger: increase transparency, accountability, competitiveness, and efficiency at all levels.

TI Ukraine helped create and subsequently transferred ProzorroProzorro. SaleeHealth, and Prozvit systems to the state. The team also implemented City Transparency and Accountability Rankings, developed the DOZORRO community to control public procurement, and co-founded the RISE UA Coalition, which protects integrity and efficiency in the rebuilding process.

At the same time, the Transparency International Ukraine team comprehensively works on:

  • the improvement of the anti-corruption infrastructure of Ukraine: analyzes legislation, advocates for changes, participates in the selection of personnel in institutions, provides recommendations to bodies;
  • the asset confiscation processes and their effective management;
  • the privatization of public property;
  • the reduction of corruption levels at the local level through regular studying of cities, cooperation with city councils, and engaging residents in decision-making;
  • defending the interests of the state and promoting the necessary changes in the international arena, etc.

The organization is always focused on co-creating changes with the state, bringing together stakeholders, and constructive partnership.

“Our team is grateful for this award and is committed to making Ukraine stronger. Since the Revolution of Dignity, we regularly provide the authorities with recommendations and ways to implement them, as well as monitor the implementation processes — all in order for the state without corruption to become a norm in Ukraine, and the anti-corruption infrastructure to work smoothly for the benefit of citizens. This is an important award for the organization because it records its significant progress and influence among the 120 countries that are part of the global movement Transparency International,” says Andrii Borovyk, Executive Director of TI Ukraine.

Read more about our history, work, and achievements here: https://ti-ukraine.org/history/en/details.html

We are thankful to Transparency International for the award!


More about the award


The award is named after Amalia Kostanyan, who was the chair of TI Armenia. She was an anti-corruption hero, who died suddenly in 2010 while engaged in the work that characterized her selfless and fearless contribution to the fight against corruption.

She was just one of the many anti-corruption fighters within the TI family.
In 2010, the Transparency International annual membership meeting decided to establish an award that honors them.

The award has two categories:

  • Impact — positive change brought about by an action or chapter. The changes affected peoples’ lives or institutional processes and policies that furthered the anti-corruption cause.
  • Professional excellence — advancing the mission of a chapter or Transparency International as a whole through demonstrating professional excellence and expertise in an area of anti-corruption work.

The previous time, in 2019, TI Lithuania’s Transparency School received the award in the “Impact” category. This is an annual state-of-the-art anti-corruption and accountability training for future leaders. And in the “Professional excellence” category — Ruth Liloqula, executive director of Transparency Solomon Islands, who led the organization during a difficult transformation period for the country.