May 31, 2024
International Register is not a full-fledged alternative to eRecovery, but the opportunity to claim the part of compensation that is…
May 30, 2024
Prozorro has launched an updated electronic form for filing a procurement-related complaint with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. The DOZORRO…
May 29, 2024
Ihor Kolomoiskyi continues to collect criminal cases against his alleged past frauds. There have been no verdicts in the cases…
May 28, 2024
On May 28, the HQCJ held two additional meetings regarding the admission of candidates for the HACC judge positions competition.
May 24, 2024
Spotlight overpayments for stage alone exceed UAH 3 million
May 23, 2024
Only last year 21% of individuals accused in cases by NABU and SAPO were released from criminal responsibility or punishment…
May 22, 2024
DOZORRO monitoring specialists analyzed the procurement of high-rise buildings on sites where buildings were destroyed by Russia.
May 22, 2024
Where did Kniazev find such an apartment, which properties were seized from him, and how is this connected to the…
May 21, 2024
Two auctions for the sale of assets confiscated under sanctions were successfully completed. We are talking about the long-suffering apartments…
May 17, 2024
10 bids were submitted for the procurement transaction in Prozorro Market.
May 16, 2024
Under these seven items in the resources sheet, the overpayment might reach UAH 2.3 million.
May 15, 2024
Read on to find out what happened in the so-called “pasta case,” what the Vysotskyi is suspected of, what the…
May 15, 2024
A year ago, on May 15, the NABU-SAPO caught Vsevolod Kniaziev, the then Head of the Supreme Court, receiving a…
May 14, 2024
At three meetings on May 9 and 14, the HQCJ considered the issue of admission of 154 participants in the…
May 14, 2024
The total cost of construction of the three main water pipelines amounts to more than UAH 17 billion.