After the decentralization process started in Ukraine, cities started completing for human capital and investments. It is therefore unsurprising that
Transparency International Ukraine presented its sectoral report devoted to procurement through ProZorro in the medical sphere. TI Ukraine’s Executive Director
During the first six months of 2017, the procurement done through ProZorro included over 410,000 lots with the expected value
The illegal trade between government-controlled Ukraine and the occupied territories in Donbas is conducted systematically, facilitated by Ukrainian defense and
The report identifies improvements in how assistance is monitored, but calls for improved regulation and oversight of security assistance, and
In 2017, Ukraine received 30 out of 100 points in the Corruption Perceptions Index, an annual study by Transparency International,
The Ukrainian chapter of Transparency International has compiled the analytical report How to Make Local Authorities More Transparent. It contains
The NAKO’s research describes problems and risks in the area of medical supply using three specific examples.
Up to 62% of Top Companies of Ukraine Do Not Meet Transparency Standards – TI Ukraine
29% of Ukrainians are ready not to pay bribes to stop corruption.
The total value of its 2016 completed procedures exceeded UAH 6.6 billion (while other purchasers averaged UAH 0.87 billion). Much
Impunity and Inefficient Justice System Keep Ukraine at the Bottom of Corruption Rankings Ukraine scored 29 points out of 100
Changes Made: Ukraine Has Climbed Up by Only 1 Point in the World Ranking of Corruption Perception 1 point again!