For many of us, this year has been difficult and very controversial. For example, despite Ukraine’s hopes and promises to the IMF, we still don’t have a SAPO head. The KAC has never been disbanded in 2021, despite all the legislative initiatives of the President. However, the NABU law has been amended and the reform of the judicial self-government has been launched.

We have a lot to remember and be proud of at the end of 2021. Let’s look back together on the main achievements of TI Ukraine:

  • Ukrainian electronic system Prozorro.Sale, whose creation TI Ukraine joined, has won the 2021 Open Government Award. The project competed in the category OGP Impact Awards as the one changing the country, improving the quality of life in society, and making the actions of the authorities open to citizens.
  • The Prozorro system of public procurement and the DOZORRO public monitoring system of public procurement have been mentioned among the positive examples in the US Strategy on Countering Corruption.
  • The DOZORRO.Sale community has been launched; this is an association of civil society organizations that will monitor the accounting and use of municipal property and help local councils implement effective practices for managing community property.
  • We have contributed to increasing transparency and accountability of the authorities, establishing dialogue between the authorities and the community on the Transparent Cities online platform, which 43 city councils and 46 civil society organizations have already joined. The methodology of the Transparent Cities programwas used to assess the transparency of cities in Latvia and Norway!
  • For the first time, not one, but two city rankingshave been presented — Transparency Ranking of the 100 largest cities in Ukraine and the Accountability Ranking of 50 cities in Ukraine. The studies have found that the level of accountability is four times as low as the level of transparency.
  • As part of the monitoring of the High Anti-Corruption Court, we have presented an interim comprehensive studyof the HACC’s work. This year, our lawyers have monitored the progress of 128 proceedings in the HACC and attended more than 750 court hearings.
  • We promptly analyzedcourt decisions and new draft laws that were submitted to the Parliament, describing pros and cons of such documents in more than two dozen legal analyses and providing recommendations on how to improve the legislation.
  • DOZORROhas checked 7,000 procurement transactions for violations and conducted 25 training sessions using the public analytics module. This is not only about several-hour trainings, but also several-day mini-courses. We have analyzed 20+ procurement draft laws — almost all that have been registered this year.
  • We have monitored the integrity of the competitions for the election of heads of bodies (we have analyzed 60 candidates for different positions of the “A” category — the ARMA, the BES, the SAPO).
  • We have presented a handbook for parents “How to check school procurement”as part of the project “What your school buys?” The handbook helps quickly find the most effective way to analyze procurement of an educational institution. Recently, more than 2,000 educational institutions have been added to the eponymous online map of school procurement.
  • Together with the NABU and Ministry of Digital Transformation, we have presented the educational series “From Statement to Verdict,” which tells about the specifics of the work of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. This is a special educational course that can still be taken here:
  • We have transferred the ProZvitenterprise reporting portal to the state. This is the fourth digital product that the organization has shared with Ukrainians. The Prozvit portal allows to get acquainted with the basic statistics of the number of state-owned enterprises and their financial results.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in these important events and made them happen. As with any project, we clearly understand that the main thing is the team that makes changes happen and moves the country forward to a better future. We are very lucky in this regard.

Stay tuned for more. TI Ukraine continues to do everything possible to combat corruption in Ukraine. We are certain that in a year, our team will boast of even more new victories.