Recovery of Yanukovych's assets

Hundreds of million dollars stolen by Yanukovych and his allies have yet to be returned to Ukraine. As a result, this case was chosen as a top-priority in the framework of the international campaign Unmask the Corrupt for information, analytical and investigative assistance.

TI representatives at the International Conference discussed counteraction to grand corruption and recovery of stolen assents on Corruption Prevention on November 29 – December 4, 2016, in Panama, and during the Annual Conference of the Global Anti-corruption Transparency International movement, on November 27-30, 2016.

On December 15–16, 2016 together with the Anticorruption Action Centre, the International Conference on Asset Recovery was held. It aimed not only to share experience between Ukrainian and international experts on opportunities, instruments and the best practices on stolen assets recovery, but also the attempt to stimulate the Ukrainian authorities to more actively investigate the Yanukovych’s case. As a number of bodies and positions have recently been introduced in Ukraine, it was explained how such organizations should counteract and what should they do to achieve success in asset recovery to Ukraine at the conference.

The register for the investigation of corruption offences by the high-ranking officials of the Yanukovych regime and communication with representatives of NGO in the countries where the frozen assets are held for the further cooperation, aiming for their recovery, has been initiated in 2016.



Duration: 1 year; 1.10.2016-30.09.2017

Donor: TI – Secretatiat

Project Coordinator: Andrii Sliusar



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