Facilitate the process of legally impeccable recovery of assets illegally obtained by representatives of former president Viktor Yanukovych’s regime to the Ukrainian budget, support the establishment and functioning of the Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA).


Civic Oversight and International Support of the Asset Recovery and Management Agency 

The team of Transparency International Ukraine supports establishment and development of the National Agency for Finding, Tracing and Management of Assets Obtained through Corruption and Other Crimes (Asset Recovery and Management Agency – ARMA). For instance, we help to implement ARMA’s communication strategy. We also participate in independent civic oversight of the Agency’s activity. In liaison with ARMA, representatives of TI Ukraine update the statutory instruments pertaining to the Agency’s area of activity.


ARMA aligns itself with the principles set forth in the EU Directive, which clearly states that management of arrested assets must be efficient. It means that the primary goal is to preserve the assets themselves and their value.

Kateryna Ryzhenko, legal adviser

Support of the Updated Register of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

With the help of social activists and journalists, we support maintenance of the register of politically exposed persons. These data being public reduces the risk of money laundering by civil servants.

Achievement of Transparency of Seizure, Sale and Use of Assets Seized from Representatives of Former Authorities

Transparency International Ukraine advocates for recovery of all assets stolen by representatives of Yanukovych’s regime to the national budget. TI Ukraine insists that the process must be legally correct in order to avoid potential subsequent appeal to the actions of the Ukrainian authorities. In court, the organization is fighting for publication of the decision of Kramatorsk city court on seizure of “Yanukovych’s 1.5 billion.”

Legal advisor
Head of International Relations Department / Fundraiser
Communications Manager

Through online voting, 9 members have been selected to the public council under the ARMA.

Monitoring of transparency of personnel selection to the National Agency and verification of the candidates’ compliance with legislative requirements have been set up.

The ARMA receives regular assistance with communications.

Awareness of the public and business of the activity of the National Agency has been increased.

We continue to dispute classification of the ruling of Kramatorsk city court of Donetsk oblast to seize USD 1.5 billion of “Yanukovych’s criminal organization” in Kyiv Administrative Court. The court has granted TI Ukraine’s motion to demand the Prosecutor General’s Office to provide decisions classifying the ruling, namely:

– directives of the the Military Prosecutor’s Office of ATO Forces of March 21, 2017, which obliges State Enterprise Information Court Systems not to publish the text of the ruling

– the conclusion of a public expert on secrecy in the PGO on the ruling containing information which constitutes state secret in the sector of national security and public order. The aforementioned documents contain state secret.

Currently, the case is transferred to a different judge in connection with the fact that the previous judge does not have access to state secret.