TI Ukraine is convinced that by implementing open data in public governance corruption can be prevented. It is also necessary to provide citizens with innovative digital solutions and services.



Development of the Public Procurement System ProZorro

Transparency International Ukraine is part of the ProZorro team. After it was transferred to the state-owned enterprise Prozorro, we focused on the monitoring of compliance with legislation and development of analytical tools. Moreover, TI Ukraine takes an active part in development of legislation regulating public procurement. For instance, we advocate the creation of effective public monitoring on the basis of the State Audit Service and legislative regulation of pre-threshold procurement. In addition, our team regularly notifies Prozorro if there are any issues identified while working with the system data.

Support of the Public Sales System ProZorro.Sale

The organization administered the creation of the system of public sales functioning on the principles of ProZorro. Following successful pilot projects with the Deposit Guarantee Fund, ProZorro.Sale was joined by other national and municipal partners. Now, both national and public property can be sold through the system. The system is also used for implementation of the small-scale privatization program.

TI Ukraine transferred the ProZorro.Sale system to the government and continues to provide support to the project, now managed by a state-owned enterprise. It supports development of IT solutions for the system, including the blockchain technology.

In addition, representatives of TI Ukraine have participated in committees reviewing the complaints of Deposit Guarantee Fund during sales of insolvent banks’ property and of state-owned enterprise Prozorro.Sale during sales of small-scale privatization objects.

Launch of the Electronic Healthcare System eHealth

TI Ukraine administered the launch of the electronic healthcare system eHealth. After the successful implementation of the first stage – launch of the MVP – it was transferred under the management of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. Using eHealth, patients can enter into agreements with their GP. The system’s functionality will grow in the future, and it will become one of the cornerstones of the ongoing healthcare reform.

Promotion of Transparency for Infrastructure Projects

Transparency International Ukraine acts as a Recipient Organization for the National Secretariat of Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST) in Ukraine. Besides, TI Ukraine is represented in the Advisory and Supervisory Board of the initiative and actively participates in the changes of transparency, accountability and integrity standards in the national budget-funded construction sector. Main measures taken by the Initiative aim at provision of public access to information concerning planning, implementation of and control over construction of infrastructure projects, as well as at verification of credibility and completeness of this information. As part of the project, the portal Transparent Infrastructure was launched: it is a platform of open data on infrastructure where all data of the project executed through ProZorro are represented as a single set demonstrating the full picture of infrastructure project implementation – from the planning stage to putting into operation.

Opening data makes everything easier and even affects the national policy.

Serhii Pavliuk, BI ProZorro Project Manager

Director of Innovation Projects Program
Khrystyna ZELINSKA
Innovation Projects Program Manager
BI Prozorro Project Manager
BI ProZorro Project Business Analyst
BI Prozorro Project Consultant
Public Procurement Research Projects Coordinator
Public Procurement Consultant

The absolute majority of public procurement is carried out transparently and competitively. The nominal value of funds saved with the help of ProZorro as of April 2020 constitutes almost UAH 114 billion.

The total value of assets and funds sold through the ProZorro.Sale system in a transparent competitive procedure constitutes over UAH 24 billion.

Almost 18 mln patients, 24 thousand doctors and 1400 medical institutions have joined the eHealth system.

Data on infrastructure procurement of six governmental institutions are published on the Transparent Infrastructure portal, including organized data of Ukravtodor for the total amount of UAH 45 billion.