We strive to create an ecosystem of people that will unite government, business and the public in working on:

– creation of innovative methods in the field of public property management in Ukraine;

– effective and independent monitoring of lease and small-scale privatization of national and municipal property in order to prevent any violations and ensure honesty and fairness in the ProZorro.Sale system;

– promotion of good governance policies in this sector.



to change Ukraine by reducing corruption risks in the field of public property and asset management.


– zero tolerance to corruption and non-professional ownership;

– responsible property management;

– transparency and openness of property management processes.


  1. Ensuring equal access to property data through the disclosure of public information about state-owned objects in Ukraine.
  2. Introduction of independent professional civic oversight of sales procedures of Ukrainian national property through the creation and development of a network of independent civil society organizations and their professionalization in the field of monitoring.

III. Improvement of public policies on property accounting and sales through the analysis of legislative initiatives, development and advocacy of standards of openness, accountability and fair competition in the relevant procedures.


Support to the public sales system Prozorro.Sale

The organization has administered the creation of this public sales system, which works based on the ProZorro principles. After successful pilot projects with the Deposit Guarantee Fund, Prozorro.Sale has been joined by other national and local partners. Today, the system sells national and municipal property and conducts small-scale privatizations.

TI Ukraine has transferred Prozorro.Sale to the government and keeps supporting the project, now governed by the state-owned enterprise. In particular, we work on improvement of IT solutions for the system and ensuring the development of blockchain technologies for the system.

In addition, representatives of TI Ukraine have been part of the commissions for reviewing complaints to the DGF in the sale of assets of bankrupt banks and to SE Prozorro.Sale in the sale of small-scale privatization objects.

We are currently working on:

building the capacity of civil society organizations to ensure fair and transparent privatization of national and municipal property. We implement this by developing tools for monitoring, conducting educational seminars, creation of a civic network of local monitors and ensuring adequate dissemination of key messages pertaining to privatization and lease.


The transparent competitive procedures through the Prozorro.Sale system have already ensured sales of property and assets for over UAH 24 billion.

Together with the Ministry of Economic Development, we have developed an online analytical portal for state-owned enterprises ProZvit. The portal provides access to basic statistics of the number of state-owned enterprises of all forms of ownership, as well as to their financial results. Since the beginning of 2019, filling out the portal database has been mandatory for all Ukrainian state-owned enterprises. SOEs upload all forms of financial reporting, as well as financial plans, to the database.


The focus area is supported by:

USAID project Economic Development, Management and Growth of Entrepreneurship (EDGE) and State-Owned Enterprises Rapid Response Activity (SOERR).