to encourage insiders / witnesses to report corruption-related crimes and provide them with the necessary advice and protection


Work with Whistleblower Reports

We have set up collection of information from potential whistleblowers through the portals Khabardocs and Stop Corruption. They are protected channels which allow to send important verified information on corruption-related crimes even anonymously. Then, the data go to investigative journalists and our lawyers. Legal advisers of Transparency International Ukraine carry out expert review of the reports and provide advice on the following steps to the whistleblowers.

Public and Media Support

We aspire to provide real whistleblowers who challenge the corrupt system with support in every aspect. Our primary efforts are focused on making the actions of whistleblowers as public as possible and give them broad media coverage.

“I have no intention of giving up! They weren’t able to buy me. They weren’t able to intimidate me. And they won’t be able to stop me.”

Larysa Holnyk, whistleblower judge

Development and Dissemination of Educational Material

In liaison with our partners, we have prepared the first “Handbook for Corruption Whistleblowers” with practical aspects of protection of whistleblowers’ rights. We have also participated in follow-up work on the eventually approved draft Methodical Guidelines for NACP on Organization of Work with Whistleblower Reports on Corruption. On the Facebook page Decorruption we regularly tell how to avoid corruption in most common situations that Ukrainians encounter.

A whistleblower is not a tattletale, but a guardian of public interests, a responsible citizen, foundation of the early prevention system.

Handbook for Corruption Whistleblowers

On the website decorruption.org.ua you can report corruption, ask a lawyer of Transparency International Ukraine a question and find anti-corruption guidelines for any situation. 

  • channel for reports of potential whistleblowers set up
  • over 50 reports processed since the beginning of 2018
  • criminal proceedings started as the result of further action taken by whistleblowers according to our recommendations
  • the fight of NACP whistleblowers (Hanna Solomatina and others) and judge Larysa Holnyk in the spotlight of public interest and merited numerous journalist publications
  • a number of training events on reporting corruption held
  • instructions and visual aids on reporting of corruption-related crimes prepared for the Decorruption website
  • manual Handbook for Corruption Whistleblowers prepared together with partners