Civic Support of Anti-Corruption Court Establishment

An efficiently functioning independent justice system is an inherent element of any democratic country where the rule of law prevails. A significant number of systemic reforms are being implemented throughout the last years, including that of the judiciary branch. Nonetheless, the majority of them have not yet produced tangible results, and success of the entire process depends on the ability of the justice system to function independently and efficiently, avoiding any influence of third parties.

Politically motivated forces often influence the current justice system, in particular when it comes to cases linked to corruption. Thus, the society does not trust the current justice system, and corrupt officials often escape prosecution. Therefore, there is a pressing need in the establishment of an independent judiciary institution that would review the cases investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Currently, there is an ongoing discussion in the Ukrainian society as to how this judiciary institution should work and how judges should be selected. Ukrainians are objectively doubting the extent to which the situation with the fight against corruption may change once such an institution is established.

Hence, facilitation of anti-corruption discussion will enhance citizens’ awareness of the need to establish a specialized anti-corruption court and further push the judiciary reforms forward in Ukraine.

The main purpose is to boost the level of citizen involvement in different regions of Ukraine and their support of the anti-corruption court establishment.

Project duration: 4 months; 01.07.2017-30.10.2017

Donor: Czech Republic Transition Promotion Program

Project Coordinator: Maksym Kostetskyi


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