Corruption Must Be Spotted

Transparency International Ukraine has traditionally been working on the change of social mentality with regards to corruption. To do so, the organization creates socials ads, portraying corruption as a destructive phenomenon.

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‘Corruption Must Be Spotted’, developed in a collaboration with the Cheil Ukraine communications agency includes gender-sensitive external advertising, anti-corruption recordings on radio and strip cartoons.The idea of the campaign has double meaning. Firstly, it appeals to ”spot” corruption and destroy double standards: anyone who blames corrupt officials, but do not oppose living luxuriously from corrupt money. Secondly, the campaign offers the opportunity to expose corruption and demands the inevitability of punishment for corrupt offences.  Our main aim is to create a social inquiry which would press on the authorities, demanding real changes.

The social campaign “Corruption Must Be Spotted” has been developed based on the recommendations of the «Anti-corruption Communications Strategy», as a pilot project of the Decorruption Communications Platform.


Creative and off-standard information products were developed by Cheil Ukraine communications agency. The Ministry of Information Policy provided assistance with the placement of ads: Ukrainians will see more than 500 of external ads around the country this year, and able to listen to original  radio  recordings broadcasted by Lux FM, Radio 24 and the Radiogroup TAVR MEDIA (Kiss FM, RAdio Roks, Relaks, Melodiia and others). Social advertising aids were created with the support of Magai Production, photographer Andrey Demenyuk, and Artpost, creators of the series of anti-corruption strip cartoons on in the Uptown Chronicles The campaign is implemented in the framework of the project the Ukraine National Initiatives to Enhance Reformsis funded by USAID and implemented by Pact, Inc. in Ukraine.

Duration: 6 months; May 2016-30 August 2016

Donor: Ukraine National Initiatives to Enhance Reforms (UNITER), which is implemented by Pact, Inc. in Ukraine with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Project coordinator: Kateryna Tsybenko