Enhancing the role of civil society in public finance oversight

Overall objective

Empowering civil society and journalists with effective anti-corruption, asset recovery and anti-money laundering tools to perform the public finance oversight and support the launch of Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA).

Specific objectives

  1. To increase capacity and influence of regional anti-corruption activists’ network.
  2. To reduce misuse of public finances at the national and local level.
  3. To help ARMA in its set up, сapacity building and policy development.
  4. To ensure civic oversight and international assistance to ARMA.
  5. To reduce the risk of money laundering by public officials, providing Ukrainian citizens and foreign partners with full and up-to-date list of Ukrainian Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).
  6. To maintain the PEPs’ registry with the help of civic activists and journalists.

Estimated results

The expertise of anti-corruption activists and journalists in the regional networks is raised; their number increased.

Quality of local level anti-corruption investigations and advocacy increased.

International media receive high quality information on anti-corruption cases and activities in Ukraine.

Misuse of Ukrainian public funds is decreased.

The number of Ukrainian officials laundering money through financial institutions decreased.

ARMA personnel recruited transparently under civic oversight.

ARMA is getting international advice and assistance based on Romanian Agency for Asset Recovery experience.

The registry of Ukrainian PEPs is full and up-to-date.

Duration: 24 months; Sept. 2017-Sept. 2019

Donor: European Commission

Project Coordinator: Anastasiya Kozlovtseva