“Partners in Empowerment” Project

In May 2018, 10 new projects supporting civil society actions to monitor the effectiveness of government resource allocation and public service delivery began under the “Partners in Empowerment” project.

PASOS (Policy Association for an Open Society), a Czech based network of thinks-tanks and five leading CSOs from Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine) have been working together to implement an EU-funded “Partners in Empowerment” (PiE) project. The aim is to make substantive progress in civic engagement in public policy making, budget and services monitoring, impact assessment and collaborative advocacy.

The PiE project engages with, supports financially and develops the capacity of 16 advocacy CSOs and 20 of their leading members in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine (1) to implement local projects that will monitor, study and assess the preparation of national and local budgets, the transparency of the use of public funds, and the provision of public services and procurements, and (2) to achieve maximum impact in citizen engagement for public policy making, good governance and fight against corruption.

In 2016, the PiE project supported 12 projects in the amount of 300 000 Euros. In 2018, total of 37 proposals were submitted. The PiE project selected and is supporting 10 projects in five Eastern Partnership countries in the total amount of 175 000 Euros that will achieve the aim of the PiE project.

These projects work on a variety of issues:

  • In Armenia, (1) the assessment of the effectiveness of state environmental protection subventions and (2) analysis and assessment of effective government use of EU financial support concerning establishment and operation of Specially Protected areas of Nature in Syunik Province.
  • In Azerbaijan, (1) strengthening the role of CSOs for improving sub-national OGP and (2) civil society monitoring of the public fund spending and increasing public participation in the budget design.
  • In Belarus, (1) the development of public dialogue in one municipality while solving unemployment issues and (2) establishment a monitoring network that includes grassroots CSOs and those doing research and analytical work.
  • In Moldova, (1) monitoring the use of public money for the repairing and maintenance of the municipal roads in Chisinau and (2) sustainable local development and efficient City Halls by ensuring transparent PP and efficient use of public money.
  • In Ukraine, (1) improving the transparency of local budgets of 7 joint territorial communities and (2) monitoring the use of budget funds by Poltava city council to determine the amount of unused budget funds and the spheres that are underfinanced.


In Ukraine, the local project coordinator is TI Ukraine and the Ukrainian projects are:

  • “Improving the transparency of local budgets of 7 joint territorial communities (GTR) in the Dnipropetrovsk region” implemented by Dnipropetrovsk Oblast NGO “Dnipropetrovsk Coordination-Expert Center for Regulatory Policy”, and
  • “Monitoring of the effectiveness of budgetary funds disbursement in Poltava city” implemented by Institute of Analysts and Advocacy.

For more information, please contact:

Olena Kifenko

PiE Country Partner Project Coordinator