Building Transparent Cities

The problem this project aims to address is corruption in local governments and the low capacity for compliance with best practices in transparency and accountability. The ongoing decentralization reform in Ukraine results in more power and financial resources being delegated to the municipalities, thus strengthening local governance.

The project aims to increase the motivation and drive of Ukrainian cities to become more transparent, accountable and participatory. We will 1) measure the transparency of the hundred largest cities and develop a local government transparency ranking; 2) conduct a series of trainings in regions of Ukraine to disseminate best practices; 3) organize partner exchanges of experience between public officials from Ukrainian cities; and 4) organize regional workshops focused on enhancing the skills of local NGOs and activists to increase the pressure on municipalities to follow advanced practices.


Duration: 2 years; 15.01.2017-15.01.2019

Donor: United Nations Democracy Fund

Project Coordinator: Kateryna Tsybenko

The complete rating of transparency of Ukrainian cities can be found at


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