Partners in Empowerment

Partners in Empowerment is a project aimed at strengthening and interconnecting CSOs and CSO leaders in five Eastern Partner countries, making them able to work together in a better way to draw on peer and international expertise to hold governments to account by becoming effective watchdogs engaged in policymaking processes and in leveraging expertise to monitor public service delivery and government decisions.

Target groups: CSOs working in different policy areas at national and local level with a focus on monitoring public service delivery and policy implementation by government:

  • watchdog bodies,
  • independent think-tanks,
  • rights-based advocacy CSOs in five EaP countries.

The project will include the following main activities:

  1. Organisational Capacity Assessments
  2. Sub-grants to promote learning by doing guided by more experienced CSOs – supporting concrete watchdog activities.
  3. Mentoring of the selected organisations to assess which organisations can benefit from indepth online mentoring by experts in organisational change, sustainable strategic planning and financial development, CSO leadership, coalition-building, influencing policymaking, and budget transparency.
  4. Two Regional Workshops will be designed around the projects – on (a) peer learning and coalition building; and (b) accountability of public institutions.

Duration: 3 years; 15.01.2015 – 14.01.2018

Donor: European Commission through PASOS

Project Coordinator: Olena Kifenko