TI Ukraine Supporting Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions

In the 2016 Corruption Perception Index Ukraine scored 29 points out of 100 possible. It is evidently insufficient for a country whose authorities named the fight against corruption their top priority. Corruption remains the primary obstacle impeding Ukraine’s economic advance. It is important to ensure effective fight against corruption in public agencies and reduce the general tolerance to corrupt practices among the population.

TI Ukraine will stimulate the development and approval of effective comprehensive anti-corruption programs in key government agencies, work on empowering the government to implement policies, tools and mechanisms in the area of anti-corruption, and assist specific key institutions with development of efficient systems for processing complaints and educating the citizens on proper action in corruption-related situations.

In addition to that, the project’s aims include further engaging citizens in reporting corruption as well as improving people’s understanding of corruption and its price, in particular, through promoting the Decorruption Platform as a potential “single window” of communication about corruption-related activities and calling citizens to take action to fight against corruption in their everyday life.

Project duration: December 15, 2017 – October 30, 2018

Budget: UAH 2 958,366.00

Donor: Management Systems International (MSI) Project Coordinator: Maksym Kostetskyi


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